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Brian Jackson and Co is a specialist practice that provides advice, assistance and representation with all aspects of Criminal Law, Motoring Law,

Prison Law and Military Justice .


Your involvement in the Criminal Justice,  prison law or military justice systems may come about in a number of ways.


Arrest or Voluntary Attendance


Any person at a police station either under arrest or as a volunteer for an interview under caution, or other specific aspect, eg..identification procedures, of an investigation into a suspected criminal offence can receive free advice and assistance. This advice and assistance is given by an appropriately qualified representative and can be given face to face or, if it is more appropriate, in secure telephone discussions.


We have an emergency out of hours number 07720 822777 with a dedicated team on standby for such an eventuality. Please note this number should be reserved for emergencies, routine enquiries should be made to our office number. You should also be aware that the police have our emergency contact details in their system should you not have access to our emergency number.




You may have been asked by the police or indeed any other investigating body to attend for an interview. If so, please contact our office without delay, we have a department dedicated to representing people when being questioned by the police or other investigating body.


Summons or postal requisition


You may have received either a summons or requisition.  This may be after you have been released under investigation or for one of the following matters; Motoring offences, Benefit fraud, Trading standards, RSPCA prosecution, Dangerous dog prosecution, Regulatory offences.


If so, we are able to provide you with the appropriate advice, assistance and representation if applicable.


Pending court date


If you have a pending court date as a result of being charged then please contact our office. We can provide representation throughout England and Wales in respect of all criminal courts.


Proceeds of Crime


Pursuant to the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, prosecuting authorities, now have the power to seek seizure of the value of all benefit obtained by someone, convicted by the courts, as a result of, or in connection with their criminal conduct. We have, once again, a department dedicated to this area of law.


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