Police stations


Our dedicated and experienced police station reps are on call 24/7 and are ready to represent you at the police station no matter what time or day it is.  Our team have experience in all varieties of criminal law ranging from drink driving all the way up to murder. 


If you are arrested, simply request Brian Jackson & Co Solicitors at the police station and we will be there shortly.  Similarly, if you have been interviewed and rebailed and you need a solicitor after interview, please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.



Magistrates' Court


Our Advocates are extremely experienced in the Magistrates' Court and are able to advise and represent you from your first appearance right the way through to your trial or sentence.  No matter what the case is, we will ensure that you have the best representation.

Our team of Advocates and dedicated case workers are devoted to ensuring that your case is fully prepared and that you know every step of the way what is happening.

If you have been charged, received a summons or a postal requisition please call us and we will be more than happy to give you advice and assistance.



Crown Court


All of our Advocates have what is known as 'Higher Rights of Audience' meaning that if your case reaches the Crown Court from the Magistrates' Court you have the advantage of being represented by the same person in both courts and the added benefit of them already knowing everything about your case.

We also have extremely good relationships with local and national Barristers Chambers, ensuring that if a Barrister is needed for your case, we can pick the right one for you.

Our dedicated team of Advocates and case workers endeavour to ensure that your case is prepared to the highest standards.


We also have the benefit of a Very High Cost Contract with the Legal Aid Agency ensuring that we can prepare and represent you in the largest of cases.



Any queries or concerns?

Please call us on 0151 227 2777 or use our contact form.